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Nova_ShucksYaCaughtMe.png Nova H Morgan
Nova is my main Sonic the Hedgehog fan character. She is a green and white weasel from a hole called Blackspot. Her small family was destroyed and she had to flee for her life when she was very young. She has done well enough on her own, but on the down side, her survivalist tendencies and methods seem harsh to regular folk. She does not give her trust easily, and even if someone earns it, she never rules out the possibility of being betrayed by them. She's found it less painful to simply avoid making friends than to try to keep them. She would tell you that she doesn't have time for love, but the truth is, she doesn't have the heart for it. She does not feel romantic attraction towards any one. Never has, probably never will. "Love is for fools who fall behind."

Her main goal in life is to avenge her father. She knows who was responsible, but she has a hard time tracking them down. Fortunately (or not?) they come looking for her every once in a while. To bide her time and sharpen her skills for that inevitable fight, she hunts bounties and does odd jobs. She does not enjoy taking lives, but will not hesitate, either. She does have a code of ethics that she takes pretty seriously, but she's not above taking a few cheap shots, if there are no better options. She carries a gun, but rarely uses it, preferring to use her trademark rope as both a tool and a weapon. Climbing is her greatest skill, whether aided by tools, or bare-handed. She can climb walls with a natural ease, and has no fear of heights or falling. Her sense of smell is also highly developed, and she's learned to recognize many of the more dubious substances that could find their way into her food and drink. She has a strong tolerance against knockout gas, and will jokingly tell you that all weasels do; their kind invented the stuff, after all, right? What weasel kid didn't grow up playing with it?

Living alone, she has taught herself the basics of staying alive. She can sniff out food and water in the wilderness. She can clean and mend wounds. She can hide and move very quietly. She trusts her senses, observing and discovering the facts of any situation, rather than letting fear and uncertainty take over. She has only one actual fear, but it does eventually get solved through the aid of her frienemy, Ripper. Nova is good at hiding her doubt and nervousness, even when things get intense. And things have gotten very, very intense for her. But, that's just the way it goes.

Nova began her life in Blackspot, then wandered around between the jungle and city for years. The jungle always felt safer. She was once captured by the group that killed her father, but escaped through a freak incident that dropped her on Nowhere Isle. She stayed there for years, until she started getting stir-crazy and searched for a way off the lonely island. She built a tiny boat but didn't get far with it. Luckily, an aging pirate was able to pick her up. He found her interesting, and chose to be friendly with her, comparing rope tricks, and teaching her a few neat recipes. By the time they arrived at the Mainland, they counted each other as friends. On the Mainland, Nova made a small fortune through her bounty hunting. She discovered the sunken ruins of an ancient temple and set that place up as her headquarters, being extremely cautious that no one ever followed her or found the entrance.

She made a few loose friendships, becoming very fond of certain people, but always being afraid of letting anyone get too close. Her favorite folks were Red Heaven and her son, Toddy, the owners of Red Heaven's Lounge. Red filled a maternal role and never hesitated to help Nova if she needed a place to lay low. Toddy made her feel like family, too, and would offer to wipe her tab if she'd agree to take him for a ride on her motorcycle -- never at the same time, of course. But she would sometimes drop by before the Lounge opened and take him on his errands, such as grocery shopping, or to the bank. When Nova realized that she was becoming comfortable with these two, she decided that it was time to disappear again.

She wanted to resolve a few things from the past, seeking out an old foe for a showdown. That foe proved to be even more dangerous than before, nearly killing Nova without even trying. Nova was picked up and brought to the home of an unscrupulous fellow, who didn't really seem bothered by the fact that she was in dire need of medical attention. Fortunately, that fellow happened to have a visitor who did recognize the severity of the situation, and he laid out the facts. His host agreed to let him take the weasel, for a small fee. That bargain would be held over Nova's head for a long time, as she would have to work off the debt incurred from being saved. During this time, she went through a shift of alignment. She no longer felt like "a good guy doing bad things", but instead, she embraced reality. The fact was that no matter what her intentions were, she would always be seen as a bad guy. She would always have more enemies than friends. She would never fit in with regular society, even if she wanted to. She dropped the title of "bounty hunter" and began doing more jobs along the lines of smuggling and forgery. She would also pose as the lookout for many operations, since she could reach the best vantage points. This role was typically combined with sniping; she still didn't enjoy it, but she never lost sleep over it, either.

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Scene_RipRed.png Williver Hanevold
Will Hanevold, son of Grigor Hanevold, is a wildcat. In his professional life, he was the top surgeon at the FAWN medical facility. In his private life, he was an artist, a botanist, and a ruthless serial killer, who thought of his victims as "art projects". He was very good at everything he did. At work, he never lost a patient or received a complaint. At his craft, he never made any mistakes; no evidence, no witnesses, no remorse. He justified his crimes as revenge, and he genuinely considered his victims responsible for their own deaths. He was so good at what he did, that his crimes would usually be credited to the Sevin Cult; that was annoying at times, but later, he learned to laugh about it. The miscrediting only made him feel safer with his secrets.

His secrets were eventually found, and slowly unraveled. His co-worker, Skwirl, was the first to catch on; her family was deeply involved with the Sevin Cult, so it was a topic she was passionate about. She was the first person to ever realize that the "Ripper's Revenge" cases were separate from the "Sevin Slayings". She schemed to manipulate Will into killing someone specific, intending to swoop in afterwards and inform him that she had enough blackmail to bury him alive. She wanted to own him, body and soul, and use him as her ticket into the Sevin Cult. That plan was working out, until it wasn't. The target, Nova, figured it out before things got too deep and she tried to slam on the brakes. Will wasn't concerned, so he chose to press forward, but then he was taught a very hard, very painful lesson about following wild animals down into their burrows. He found himself at the mercy of the weasel, genuinely fearing for his own life while in her captivity. He would regain the upper hand, but this time around, he would opt to follow Nova's suggestion to avoid playing into Skwirl's hands; he would not be tied to her disappearance, leaving the job of her disposal in the capable hands of an old mercenary.

Will would attempt to resume life as usual, heading back to FAWN to continue working as if his long weekend never happened. Skwirl would lose her patience and send her underlings to investigate. They couldn't gather enough information to be sure of what did or didn't happen; she would have to pause in her plan to blackmail Will for killing the bounty hunter. However, they did dig up some valuable knowledge, which would change the way Skwirl thought of Will. She still loved the idea of owning him, but ultimately, she would desire to destroy him in a more permanent and more cruel fashion than mere marriage and parenthood.

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