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Full Name: Diosden Rodriguez
Username: digoraccoon
Other Aliases: Digo Dragon
Joined Side 7: 21 Oct 1999
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Birthday: 15 May
Location: Florida, USA
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Webpage: Arbiter Comics
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  Freelance Animator (with a 4 year degree) living in Orlando, Florida. I love to draw, I know a lot about computers, and I love to hang out with my local friends.

Fantasy settings are my favorite genre, but I like to try many different genres. I am an active Role Player with classic table top games such as D&D and GURPS and I love watching animated movies and cartoons. I have a nifty collection going...

I do comissions, and very cheeply too! Inked pictures usually run about $10 and hand colored ones about $20. I love to do Art Trades, and will do those for free if you want to trade. I love having my characters drawn and I just as much find it fun to draw other people's creations.

Drop me a line, I don't bite ^_~

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03 Feb 2013 - 15:51 ET

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I'm so happy to find you still active on here ^^ Its comforting to me too to see a familiar face.
You've been here ever since I started drawing and posting anything online anywhere (feels like 10 years ago-ish) and its inspirational. Thank you

Gold Star Award
09 Mar 2013 - 09:01 ET

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I'm happy that you're still producing good works around here. Seeing familiar faces is good after so many years pass by. Where does the time go?

04 May 2011 - 09:39 ET
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Hey there.

Thanks for your kind comment!

12 Dec 2010 - 20:34 ET

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Mwah hah hah! How've you been? I just got back to adding stuff to this site, altho I'm a little new... it's changed a LOT so I'm trying to figure out what all the stuffs are here! Dunno how to add friends tho *blinkies* Anyway, it's awesome that you are here too! I can't wait to catch up on all the awesome art I missed over the years!!!! :D
Gold Star Award
13 Dec 2010 - 20:37 ET

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Well, from me you don't have far to catch up as I don't have a lot of art around the internet, BUT I do have a webcomic that's been going on for about 6 years:

So I guess that counts as art? ^^;

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